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79 th Annual Kansas State Handicap Bowling Tournament               Kansas City


All participants in the annual bowling tournament of the Kansas State USBC  shall be a USBC member of a local BA or Merged Association in the State of Kansas. Any participant who is a non-member of the Kansas State USBC and who are residents of the State of Kansas may apply for a USBC membership for $26.00. Any participant who cannot show proof of a USBC membership card at time of participation must purchase membership dues in the amount of $26.00.

The annual bowling tournament of the Kansas State USBC  shall include competition in one divisions and shall include competition in five-member team,, four member team doubles, singles and all-events. Champions in each division will receive trophies.

Entrants shall use their highest average from the 2016-17 average in the state of Kansas. If average of 21 games or more as of January 1, 2018 is 10 or more pins above their average for 2016-17 book averages the higher average must be used. If no book average for 2016-17 season, then the bowler may use their verified 2017 summer league average, with a minimum of 21 games, or the bowler may use their January 1, 2018 highest average with a minimum of 21 games. Eligible bowlers who have no acceptable average must enter at 220. (Proper averages per this rule must be reflected on the front of the entry along with indication as to whether the average was established by which hand (right hand or left hand.) Each bowler must use the same hand in bowling all games in the State Tournament as that which is reflected on the front of the entry blank and that which the entering average was established by. In addition, each team captain will be required to complete the January 1, 2018 average along with the 2016-17 book average as reflected on the front of the entry blank.

Handicap to be based on 80% of the difference of the individuals entering average and 220. No minimum average required. All prizes and awards will be on a handicap basis.

Contestants entering the two-member event must also enter the individual event and vise - versa on the same entry sheet. You may compete in the Doubles and Singles event only one time.

All Events entrants shall be determined by the division in which they bowl their singles event. Hdcp. all events entry fee is $6.00 in both divisions. All events, prizes and awards will be on a handicap basis. All Events may be transferred, provided the substitute replaces the original entrant in all three events prior to the substitute starting to bowl. A bowler may enter the scratch all events for $10.00 and the handicap all events for $6.00.

MULTIPLE TEAM ENTRY - All bowlers may bowl the team event twice, in either 5-member or 4-member. Must change 2 bowlers to bowl second time. Must enter second team before entries close.  Can cash four times. Either in same division, or cash once in each division. First team event counts for all events score. Second team score does not count in All-Events total. You are allowed to bowl two-member and individual events only one time.

In the event of mechanical failure or other restrictions, it is hereby agreed that the contestants affected shall be moved to the next available pair of lanes.

No pacers permitted, only those entered or qualified substitutes ay bowl in the tournament.

Unmarried grade and high school students who have not attained the age of eighteen (18) must have written consent of their parents or guardians in order to participate in this tournament. Said written consent must be on a form approved by USBC and must be on file with the tournament Exec. Dir on file week before the bowler is to compete, unless the student is accompanied by his parent or legal guardian, in which case the parental consent form may be filed up to the time the student stars to bowl. See rule #13 of the USBC Rule Book.

All entry fees must be paid in full and must accompany the entry blank. Make remittances payable to Kansas State USBC. No entry fees will be refunded. A charge of $30.00 will be added to all returned checks. Must be paid before start of tournament.

All entrants first and last names must be listed, do not list nicknames. Doubles and singles event entries must be on the same entry sheet. Also include USBC Membership #'s.

PENALTIES - Tardy players will start in frame being bowled with zero being given for each frame missed. Use of ineligible player or reporting incorrect average will nullify all claims for any prizes or award. January 1, 2018

It shall be each bowlers' responsibility to verify the accuracy of his average, whether originally submitted by the bowler, his team captain or others. Failure to use the proper average or make a correction prior to completion of the first game of a series shall disqualify score, if submitted average is lower than actual average or base prize winnings on submitted average, if it is higher.

Protests of errors in scoring or calculations must be made in writing to the Tournament Management within 24 hours after bowled or the scores will stand as scored.

Participants will be reclassified to the proper Division in accordance with their average at time of participation, if different than their entering average.

USBC Rules 319c, 319D and 319e will be in effect

Bowlers who have qualified for a prize of $600.00 or more in any event in a tournament which has ended within the previous 12 month period, even though payment of prize has not been made, must report at least on hour prior to bowling his Actual Score, Position and Amount Won for possible re-rating. Failure to report the above will result in forfeiture of tournament entry fees and prize winnings. Tournament Management reserves the right to re-rate any entrant prior to bowling. Any entrant who refused the re-rate, their entry fee will be refunded. Refer to USBC  rule 319d and 319e

No more than two members of the Professional Bowlers Association may compete on a five man team or one member in the two-man event.

Prize ratio of 1:7 will be used for payout in all Division.

Any un-claimed bracked money not picked up afte last squad will be added to the prize fund! We will not mail any money.




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